Grant Writing 101 – Identifying Potential Funders

Welcome back for my next installment of Grant Writing 101. The last couple of posts we've been exploring grants eligibility - whether or not you or your organization is actually in the right stage of your career/organization life cycle to apply for a grant. This week, I'll walk you through how to identify potential grant … Continue reading Grant Writing 101 – Identifying Potential Funders

Grant Writing 101

Hi and welcome to the first in my series “Grant Writing 101.” This series of web tutorials will review the components of a grant proposal and is geared towards artists and arts organizations who are seeking grant funding to support their artistic endeavors.  Over the course of the next few months, I’ll post weekly tutorials reviewing … Continue reading Grant Writing 101

Document your work! It seems obvious. You're producing a concert. You're being featured in an exhibition.  Your film is part of a festival. So you document the event, right? RIGHT? It doesn't always seem practical or necessary to document every event, project, or program you participate in, but it is crucial. You never know when you will … Continue reading Document your work!