Our Process

Meeting Your Unique Needs

You are on this page because you need to raise money.

Whether you are:

  • A scientist who needs research funding to support the work of your scientific labs
  • A small business concern (SBC) that needs nondilutive funding to commercialize innovative products and technology
  • A nonprofit that needs to fund essential programs for the community   

You might have a specific idea or conception of what funding should look like. And that is usually just one piece of the puzzle.

What is often overlooked is that successful fund development, including grant acquisition, is predicated on having a customized and optimized strategic plan in place.  Your customized strategic plan charts the route by which your mission, vision, goals, objectives, and specific aims are brought to fulfillment.

At Amanda Faye Consulting, Inc., we start by assessing and developing your strategic plan. Many elements go into your strategic plan – from determining immediate, interim, and long-range goals to identifying ways to best reach and motivate the specific audiences needed to achieve each milestone. Encompassed is everything from prospect research, to selection of the most appropriate grants to pursue, to choices of social media, development, and implementation of direct mail programs and targeted email campaigns.

While the elements involved might seem endless, we bring rhyme, reason, and, above all, proven justification, to each step of your customized strategic plan.  It all begins with discussing your goals and needs, so to get started fill out our new client intake form and get in touch with us today.